KAVALI is a perfect substitute for the original fruits and vegetables. The high quality dried products are natural, without additives, added sugars, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. You can enjoy your favorite fruit every day of the year!

Also recommended for those with food intolerances or special diets. KAVALI biophilized fruit and vegetable snacks are not only gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan, but also rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.

100% TASTE

Our recently developed and patented process removes water content from fruits and vegetables in a gentler way than lyophilization, while completely preserving the nutritional value and concentrated flavour of Biophilized products.

An excellent choice for those who enjoy a healthy, sporty lifestyle! A true natural taste experience for all members of the family!

100% Fruit

The secret of our 100% fruit and vegetable snacks is that they are made exclusively from fresh and ripe seasonal Hungarian ingredients (except citrus fruits) which are processed immediately. Only water is removed during the biophilization process, all other ingredients are preserved. The result is tasty, crunchy, aromatic fruit and vegetable snacks that just won’t stick to your hands.

KAVALI fruit and vegetable products are the ideal choice for those who are active all day and need a healthy and nutritious snack to keep their energy levels up, but have no time to prepare fresh fruits or veggies.


Our story starts with the wish to produce honey in powder form. The special dehydration technology made it possible, but further experiments showed that the technology was also ideal for preserving fruits and vegetables. The result of several years of research and development is a special microwave vacuum drying process called biophilization.

Our first biophilization production plant opened in Mórahalom in autumn 2022, where KAVALI fruit and vegetable snacks are produced, offering a continuously expanding range of products.

We pay particular attention to sourcing ingredients from local producers whenever possible, in a predictable way so that farmers can plan ahead with us.

The research and development was carried out by MPM Research Ltd. MPM is an industrial incubation center which offers professional support for development projects. Our team specializes primarily in the design and construction of manufacturing plants, industrial machines and manufacturing software. Our developments provide innovative solutions using the latest research and technology.


The state-of-the-art drying process allows additive-free food preservation. Due to this unique technology, the production process is far more energy-efficient and gentle than lyophilization or air drying, and the functional and biologically active components (e.g. flavorings, vitamins, antioxidants, natural sugars) are preserved to a much greater extent.

The high content of natural bioactive compounds of foods dried by a combination of microwave and vacuum is due to low temperatures, low oxygen levels and rapid processing.

Biophilization produces surprisingly crunchy dried fruit and vegetable products with a special texture and concentrated flavor.